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Hands On Experience In
Metal Refinishing Since 1974.
Not just selling polishing products.
Actually doing custom metal polishing and buffing.

Bright Works, Inc., was established in 1982 by David A Waldoch, now supplying many types of metal polishing and buffing equipment and supplies. Most sales are now by way of mail order or through the internet (world wide web). David A Waldoch is also the sole copyright owner of the Book (Custom Metal Polishing) first published in 1982, and the highly acclaimed Video (Metal Polishing and Buffing) first available in 1986, currently available on DVD. The years of hands on experience does not come from selling polishing and buffing products. It comes from years of experience in doing custom metal polishing and buffing. Mr. Waldoch started polishing  and buffing back in 1974. He was educated in metal refinishing from two main sources. Both of whom had been in the polishing and plating industry since the mid 1920ís. When you contact Bright Works, Inc., you don't get a sales department. You get someone who knows the product line, because they have used the products for years, not simply read about them in a sales catalog or online.
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Bright Works, Inc. Phone 651-429-4439.
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