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Specialty Buffs, Air-Flex

air-flex buffing wheels and flanges
Why use Air-Flex Buffs?  What are the Advantages?

This is the buff that really saves time when buffing those tight areas
on your detailed jobs. Such as: aluminum intakes and water pumps or a number of other parts.
In comparison with standard spiral sewn buffs, the construction of these wheels reduces fraying,
thus extending their life. You are able to get into, over and around many areas that spiral buffs can not reach.
Most often used with Tripoli compound on soft metals, although may be used with any type of compound.

Also available, Yellow Treated Air-Flex Buffs
The yellow treatment provides a more aggressive buffing action than the standard Air-Flex buffs and helps retain compounds.

Air-Flex buffs require one pair of 4 cupped flanges, for any number of buffs stacked between them.
Unfortunately we no longer manufacture these flanges, although they are available many places on the web.
Make sure to get the cup shaped flange, preferable with ventilation holes.

Available with white cloth, 8", $10.99, 10", $12.99, Yellow cloth 8", $11.99, 10", $13.99.

Please select, buffing wheel size/color, arbor hole size and quantity required.

Specialty Buffs

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