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How To: Book & DVD
With Step-By-Step Tricks Of The Trade .

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Special Sale Pricing on our Book & DVD
in celebration of our 40th year in metal refinishing.

Subjects Covered
Choosing your equipment, buffing wheels, compounds abrasives, how to polish & buff
aluminum, brass, copper, die cast, steel, stainless steel, and cast iron. Plus how to reach
those tight areas for a show quality job. Also, polishing and buffing prior to chrome plating.

Our new fifth edition book has a fresh layout with additional detailed
information and more photos. Now including over 90 photos as to the previous 56.
Book is 8.5" x 11" format. Printed in black and white. #MP-3. Reg $10.95. Sale Price $7.95

DVD approximately 60 minutes running time. #D-1, Reg. $24.95. Sale Price $14.95.

Both the book & DVD together. #D-2. Reg. $29.95. Sale Price $19.95

Free with an online purchase of our book or book and DVD
you will receive a PDF file of our fifth edition book, Custom Metal Polishing.
The PDF version of the book includes all full color photos & delivered by way of E-Mail.

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Reviews and Comments

Dear Dave, ...Your video tape is very professional and well done, It's great.
Pat Ganahl,   HOT ROD Magazine.

Dear Dave, ...Your video is outstanding... ...Along with the book, has
saved me countless hours of trial and error...     Paul O'keefe

Dear Bright Works, Inc. ... after seeing your video and trying your methods,
I have almost cut my time in half, Thanks.     Beaudin Polishing

Dear Bright Works, I had never done any polishing before I sent for your book and video.
I couldn't believe how easy it was to learn and your products are great.     B. Swonson

How To: Book & DVD
NEW Anniversary Sale Price

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