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Buffing Compounds and Wenol Metal Polish

Buffing Compounds
large and small bars are the same industrial quality, not hardware division quality.
Large bars, Standard industrial size approximately, 2" x 2" x 10". Small bar size is approximately, 2" x 1-3/4" x 6-3/4".

Quick Tip: For the easiest and fastest results in obtaining a high luster, avoid mixing compounds on your buffing wheels
and only buff items that are free of all foreign matter such as; dirt, grease, rust, oil, paint or plating of any type.

Tripoli, red/brown in color (appearance)
For removing light scratches, imperfections and oxidation in aluminum, brass, copper, and die cast. Most often used on Spiral and Air-flex Buffs, although may be used on any of our buffing wheels and felt bobs.
Small bars, #TR-12, $8.99. Large bars, #TR-1, $14.99.

Color or final finish, white in color (appearance)
For final buffing procedure to bring out a high luster in, aluminum, brass, copper, die cast, and stainless steel. for use after the Tripoli or Stainless compounds. May also be used after the (Green Coloring Compound) for a finer finish. Most often use on Loose Sewn Buffs, although may be used on any type buff or bob.
Small bars, #C-12, $8.99. Large bars, #C-1, $14.99.
Stainless, dark grey in color (appearance)
For removing light scratches and imperfections in steel, stainless steel and cast iron. Most often used on Spiral Sewn Buffs, although may be used on any of our buffing wheels and felt bobs. The cutting action of this stainless compound is in the same category as Emery buffing compounds.
Small bars, #ST-12, $8.99. Large bars, #ST-1, $14.99.

Stainless Coloring, Green in color (appearance)
For producing a high luster on stainless steel and some aluminums. Often used on aluminum when the (white Coloring Compound) leaves a haze on the metal surface. Most often use on a Loose Sewn Buff, although may be used on any type buff or bob.
Available in large bars only, #G-1, $14.99.

wenol metal polish  

Wenol Metal Polish/Protectant
After you have your metal polished, Keep it looking good with WENOL

With WENOL Metal Polish, you can protect your polished parts from tarnishing and discoloration for up to 6 months. For use on aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and plated parts. Also works great for removing bluing on headers. WENOL is one of the few metal polishes that may be used on a buffing wheel at low RPM's.
WENOL Metal Polish, 3.93 oz tube. #WN, $13.95 each.

Buffing Compounds and
WENOL Metal Polish

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